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Benjamín Vázquez Photography.


Benjamin Vazquez Photography has been providing outdoor photography and landscape photography services in the Puerto Rico area since 2010. Our personalized service accommodates each client’s specific wishes. Whether you’re looking to hire us for an event, special occasion, would like to have a shoot at an specific outdoors, or be amazed with the possibilities of night and light painting photography, send us an email or give us a call. We’re waiting to see what we can do for you.

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Special Events

After years of dedication to the world of photography, we know that every photo is a moment capture in time. That's why we take personal approach in every shot to make sure it says the exact story of what is happend in that special day.
If you’re interested in booking this service, please check our calendar for availability and give us a call.

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Night & Light Painting Photography.

We are one of the few light painters photographers and the first one to use the tube painting technique in the island. That's why we who already loved night photography decided to add those techniques to our photographs to make portraits, love stories, and every occassion a special and unique as this art itself is.

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Personal & Bussiness Portraits

Photography, Is not just for a special occasion, photography is to re-live every moment in life, every stage, every change that make us live beyond our day to day. That's why portrait photography is so important in our bussiness, because it mark a moment to be captured. It's does't matter if it's a new baby in the family, a love story for your first wedding or for the silver aniversary, a birthday, a new car, a bussiness portrait to your website or bussiness card, a new beggining or simply because you deserve it. 
Life is always changing and toghether we celebrate it.If you’re interested in booking this service, please check our calendar for availability and give us a call.

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Adventure & Sports Photography

As nature lovers and nature photograhers we came from the group of people that we love the outdoors, the adrenaline and we think taht those moments can live forever with the right shoot. That's why we include a special photo session that make us take that moment and give it to you with the same passion and care we put in all our works. So, if you are going to do paramotor, hangliding, even a soccer or a basketball game and you want to have great photo shoots this is the kind of shooting you need. 
If this is the service you’re looking for, check out our rates and get in touch to book an initial consultation.

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Contact us to schedule a photo session or learn more about our services.

Las Piedras, Puerto Rico


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